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Xplora, the European Science Education Gateway manages the DECIDE game within the WONDERS2007 project

The project of the 2nd EUROPEAN SCIENCE FESTIVAL 2007, title WONDERS, uses the strengths, experiences and capacities of the existing major European networks EUSCEA and EUN, the European Schoolnet, in the field of Science Communication Events like science weeks, science festivals, science days in cooperation with the European science journalists from EUSJA to stimulate Europeans for greater awareness for science, technology and the humanities and for dialogues between science and society.

During the events, teachers are invited to visit the event and play a round of one DECIDE game. A science journalist from the European Science Journalists Association will be there to report about the game.

Click here to read more about WONDERS2007.

Click here to read more about the DECIDE game.

The dates, cities and organisations who show an event are shown in the table below.

In case you are interested in getting an invitation to take part in one of the events with your class, contact Karl Sarnow.

Carousel Events - Dates and Differences

State Name of organisation Start End City
UK British Association for the Advancement 09.03.07 18.03.07 NN
SE International Science Festival Göteborg 16.04.07 23.04.07 Göteborg
ES Sociedad Andaluza de Divulgación de la Ciencia 10.05.07 12.05.07 Seville
HU Society for Dissemination 19.05.07 21.05.07 Budapest
DE Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH 09.06.07 15.06.07 Essen
EL Ellinogermaniki Agogi 02.07.07 06.07.07 Athens
BG Forum Democrit 16.07.07 22.07.07 Sofia
FR Association Paris-Montagne 19.07.07 26.07.07 Paris
IT Association Gurdulù ONLUS 01.09.07 16.09.07 Perugia
EL General Secretariat for Research 06.09.07 13.09.07 Thessaloniki
PL University of Wrocław 17.09.07 25.09.07 Wrocław
SI Slovenian Science Foundation 18.09.07 20.09.07 Ljubljana
NO Research Council of Norway 21.09.07 30.09.07 Norway
LU Musée national d’histoire naturelle 22.09.07 23.09.07 Luxemburg
DK Danish Science Comm. 24.09.07 28.09.07 Denmark
EE Science Centre AHHAA 24.09.07 30.09.07 Tartu
RU Lomonosov Moscow State University 24.09.07 30.09.07 Moscow
LV University of Latvia 28.09.07 28.09.07 Riga
HU Palace of Miracles 29.09.07 30.09.07 Budapest
IL Bloomfield Science Museum 30.09.07 02.10.07 Jerusalem
RO Bio-Consult service s.r.l. 02.10.07 06.10.07 Bucharest
FR University Louis Pasteur 08.10.07 14.10.07 Strasbourg
DE Förderverein Science & Tech. 11.10.07 13.10.07 Rust
BE Technopolis™ 20.10.07 20.10.07 Leuven
IS UNIVERSITY OF ICELAND & RANNIS 22.10.07 22.10.07 Reykjavik
IT Associazione Festival della Scienza 25.10.07 06.11.07 Genoa
CZ Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic 05.11.07 09.11.07 Prague
ES Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation 09.11.07 18.11.07 Catalonia
IE Discover Science & Engineering 11.11.07 18.11.07 Dublin
IE CALMAST 12.11.07 16.11.07 Waterford
PT Ciência Viva 19.11.07 25.11.07 Lisbon
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