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Xplora aims to help math and science teachers to give a boost to their lessons and make them more exciting.

The wealth of educational material, gathered in the database of resources and in the other sections of the portal, also implies to reflect on teacher training. While still a great part of teacher training is given in real workshops and teacher training events, one of the outcomes of the PENCIL project is the development of a Learning Management System (LMS), enabling teachers to access virtual courses in service.

Xplora also provides electronic lessons aimed to be run in the classroom and which can be imported by the teacher into his LMS. In addition to the course content, Xplora offers the technology to use an LMS even in restricted environments, where school system administrators might not be able or willing to install the LMS software.

The technical basis of Xplora's LMS is Moodle, a well-known and high-rated Open Source LMS. This feature allows schools to install an LMS and use Xplora's courses without any cost.


Teacher training - 28/02/2008 - 
In this section, the PENCIL project partner INDIRE publishes on line courses which are aimed to train teachers using the material developed...
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Electronic lessons - 11/03/2008 - 
eCourses are not only meant for distance learning, as those Xplora offers for teacher training. We plan to develop eCourses basing on Moodle and our MOUSE concept for central curricular topics in science, so a teacher is able to run a Moodle course without any installation and configuration...
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