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Palmira Ronchi – Maths teacher

I teach maths in a technical high school for programmers in Bari (ITCS Vivante, Italy) and I also work part-time in pre-service teacher training courses at the University of Bary.

My background and interests are in the fields of mathematics, didactics and the use of new technologies for education, including distance education. I have worked as a tutor on various training and online courses organised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. I currently collaborate with INDIRE as an expert for the didactic software evaluation and with European Schoolnet as coordinator of the Virtual school Mathematics Department.
e-mail: palmira.ronchi@istruzione.it

P.I.S.A. 2003 - the ongoing OECD Programme for International Student Assessment website

I recommend this website because it gives teachers useful information regarding the Reading, Mathematics and Scientific literacy which students, all over the world, should have in order to meet some of the challenges of their future. 15-year-old school students are assessed using items which require them to show how effectively they can apply their skills and knowledge to solve problems set in real-world contexts.

Mathaplets galore - Java Components for Mathematics website

This is a list of Java simulation programs (Mathaplets) chosen by Carles Romero that help you to discover various mathematical phenomena. Here you can see a presentation of one of these resources and a link to Ivan De Winne’s website where he gives an illustration of mathematical concepts using these JCM configurable applets.

Mathematical Museums

Over the centuries many mechanical mathematical engines have been built. I believe that many of them, although nowadays obsolete, can still be very useful in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. On the website of the University Museum of Natural Science and Scientific Instruments of the University of Modena there is a real Laboratory of Mathematics. You can also find some links to Italian universities which collaborate with many European maths museums.

Essediquadro: an online searchable catalogue listing educational software

An online service run by the Institute for Educational Technology (I.T.D.) in Genova that provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on educational software from both Italy and abroad. It offers support and guidance for integrating software and multimedia into the teaching and learning process.

The Fibonacci series

On this website you can find videos, quizzes, forums and a lot of information about The Fibonacci Series. This series is a sequence of numbers, first created by Leonardo Fibonacci in 1202, with fascinating properties related to many other mathematical concepts and natural phenomena.

Read more at Mathematics Department of Virtual school

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