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Marzana Miąsko: maths and computer science teacher

Marzanna Miąsko is a secondary school maths and computer science teacher at the Gimnazjum 1 in Zawiercie, Poland.

It has a unique way of introducing the Nobel Prizes that goes beyond the simple presentation of facts. These introductions, called "Educational", are made in the form of games, experiments, and simulations ready to be explored and discovered (EXPLORE and LEARN). The productions are aimed at the young, particularly the 14-18 age group, who may know about the Nobel Prizes and the Prize winners but often lack a deeper understanding about the prize awarded works. In English.

MathWorldTM is the web's most complete mathematical resource, assembled over more than a decade by internet encyclopedists with assistance from the mathematics and internet communities. MathWorld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers. Like the vibrant and constantly evolving discipline of mathematics, this site is continuously updated to include new material and incorporate new discoveries. In English.

Space Place
It is designed with a very kid-friendly "by kids, for kids" look and feel. It is very modular, so visitors can pick and choose different projects or activities that are self-contained. Challenging subjects such as the electromagnetic spectrum, conservation of momentum, orbits, gravitational waves, tidal forces, binary and hexadecimal notation, and interferometry are treated simply and concisely, with everyday analogies and metaphors, concrete examples, and compelling illustrations. Some are hands-on projects. In Spanish and English.

Chemsoc is the Royal Society of Chemistry's chemical science network for anyone interested in the chemical scientists. Particularly interesting are visual elements - a graphical interpretation of the table of elements - the most stunning periodic table available on the web and timeline - a visual exploration of key events in the history of science with particular emphasis on chemistry. In English.

Atlas chmur
The website contains a rich photo gallery of marvellous clouds, optical phenomenons, falls, sediments and more. It also offers a classification of clouds and tips about how they are created. In Polish.

Mathematics for gymnasium students
Are you looking for ideas and lessons fro teaching mathematics at secondary school (13-16 years old)? You will find here: functions, algebraic terms, geometry, interactive models, tests. In Polish and English.

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