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Benito Bua Ares: Mathematics teacher

Benito Bua Ares is a mathematics teacher in a Spain secondary school, Galicia. He strongly believes in the use of computer tools for boosting the interests in maths in the classroom.
That is why he would like to share with you some links to websites he particularly recommends.


The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive  

MacTutor History of Mathematics website contains biographies and various articles about the history of mathematics.
Benito thinks that this is an important and interesting issue to approach in maths lessons. Biographies of mathematicians and their success can be useful to understand our scientific present.

Euclid’s  Elements

Euclid's Elements is considered one of the most beautiful and influential maths textbooks ever written.
This website features a translation into English of the Euclide’s Elements. A geometry applet is being used to illustrate the Elements.


Maths Java Applets

Maths applets are useful to learn mathematics.
Benito advises you to visit two web sites on this subject: 

Manipula Math with Java is a Japanese web site  intended for students from middle school, high   school, college and for anyone interested in mathematics. It offers a collection of 279 Java  applets.

Go and see National Library of virtual manipulatives, a website run by the Utah State University.

International tests

Benito is interested in international maths evaluation and tests.
The two most important tests might be the IEA TIMSS test and the PISA assessment.
Have a look at their websites in order to answer your questions about this issue.

The IEA TIMSS test is organised by IEA, the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement.  

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), an internationally standardised assessment is run by OECD.


The results of our students in an international test depend on many elements. One of those lies in the educational system.
EURYDICE, the information network of education in Europe, is a key website where you can read comparable information on education systems throughout Europe.

Reference levels in school Education in Mathematics in Europe at 16 

 You are a maths teacher? You are interested in comparing your national maths curriculum with curriculum from different European countries?
“Reference levels in school Education in Mathematics in Europe at 16” is the name of a European Commission project conducted by the European Mathematical Society (EMS) with the help of the Institute of Reseach in Mathematics education of the University of Franche-Comté (IREM of Besançon) – France and of the French Association of Teachers in Mathematics (APMEP).
This study has allowed to gather common references regarding maths teaching issues and to design a proposed set of mathematics questions that can be used as reference questions. All documents coming from this study can be downloaded and read from this portal.

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