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How to build a statistical model

Carlo Nati and Linda Giannini, teachers trainers, introduce us to some operative samples of statistical models, using an Open Source software.

Every day, at school, a teacher has to face a large amount of information. Managing, reading, representing data and discovering the meaning of a decisional process, are typical activities for every teacher.

Often, when teachers have to choose a statistical indicator, qualitative or quantitative, they use models got from a colleague or books, but they don’t have really a scientific approach to the problem.

As the school system is very complex and the teacher's work could be not restricted to the classroom, teachers have to learn, at least, the most important principles of statistical science. This will help teachers not only to evaluate pupil’s tests, but above all, to familiarize with models that could make easier to present and to analyze data, using appropriate summarizing statistics.

This article intends to introduce some samples of data analysis and graphical representation applied to a school context, trying to promote the use of an open source software, free and available on the web.
The aim is to introduce teachers to an easy way to make statistical models, useful to teach and to gain information from data they manage at school.

To read more about the project and the open source software: Interactive MAP

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