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The Volvox network provides teachers with authoritative briefings, proven laboratory protocols, classroom activities addressing the social impact of bioscience, accounts of the careers of young scientists and numerous other educational resources to help motivate them and their students.

Volvox provides a dynamic forum for the exchange of creative ideas and good educational practice across the European Union. This readily-available pool of resources should encourage more young people to develop positive attitudes towards studying science and to consider a career in it.

Behind Volvox lies an innovative database and content management system (developed by European Schoolnet), allowing resources to be shared between countries. Exchanges are facilitated by defining common criteria and standards but crucially, each partner retain autonomy and tailor the materials to meet local needs. This increases the chances that teachers will wish, and are able, to use the available resources. Each provider network with and help to support its local education organisations, scientific and wider communities, who become contributors to the project and increase awareness of it.

A broadly-based and experienced team of working teachers, scientists, educational specialists and professional science communicators has been assembled for this proposal. They are working with ICT specialists and others in science-based industries to create a dynamic, distributed network that could provide a valuable model for pan-European co-operation in other fields.

In the longer term, Volvox seeks means of becoming self-supporting and in the shorter term we anticipate that it helps to strengthen and provide a collaborative focus for existing bioscience education initiatives throughout Europe.

Please visit the recently updated website for further information and checking out the various resources:

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