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Second European Conference on Primary Science and Technology Education

Science is Primary II : Engaging the new generation
Stockholm, Sweden / October 15 –17, 2006

See the program

Science education is a challenge for European education systems and the long-term quality of education. Primary school appears of special interest: Numerous studies show that challenging the natural curiosity at an earlier age is essential to develop the proper attitude towards scientific knowledge. In addition, new trends and conceptual views for science teaching have been developed in the last decades, based on the importance of investigation. Important progress has been made in various areas such as didactics, hands-on and inquiry learning, cognitive sciences and socio-cultural approaches. Within such frame, the goals of this conference were:
- Analyse methods and practices for extending the inquiry based science education programs to new primary schools
- Enhance the development of high quality methods for evaluation and research in different countries
- Exchange about and develop teacher training in high quality science teaching for primary schools
- Promote contacts and networking between teachers, principals, teachers' trainers, science education leaders, program coordinators, researchers, scientists, policy makers and local authorities.
- Enhance exchanges between European and non-European schools on science education projects.

This event gathered teachers, principles, policy makers, program coordinators, researchers, scientists, teacher trainers, representatives from school administration and mass media.

Heighty-two participants form nineteen different countries attended the conference (gallery soon)

Participants' contributions
Participants contributed to poster commented sessions on October 16th, on the following topics:
- Inquiry curriculum and assessment
- Teacher support and training
- Engaging the new generation

Download the program (pdf file)

Download the proceedings (pdf file)

Kerstin Reimstad 
Pamela Lucas





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