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14 national conferences

Dissemination of best methods and practices

One of Scienceduc aims is to analyze methods and practices for extending the renovated scientific education programs to new schools and classes in the partner countries. Special attention is paid to Italy and Germany, countries associated to the project.
In this order on 2005, national conferences were organised on each partner or associated country as well as a European conference on primary science education on 2006 (in Sweden) to conclude our 2 years project.

- Portugal: "Science in kindergarten and 1st cycle schools:  Learning from different experiences"
  September 12 & 13, 2005 and February 13, 2006- Pavilion of Knowledge,  Lisbon
  report 1st Portuguese conference , report 2nd Portuguese conference - contact: Rosario Oliveira
 Materials related to the conference (lesson plans, teachers help in Portuguese)  

- Germany: "Science is Primary" - September 27 & 28, 2005 and January 18, 2006 - Freie Universität Berlin,  Berlin
  report 1st German conference , report 2nd German conference - contact: Petra Skiebe

- France: "Mathematics, experimental sciences and observation at primary school" - program
  September, 28 - La rotonde, Saint Etienne 
  report - contact: Pamela LUCAS

Conference presentations (in French):
- Specificity of inquiry process in mathematics - Claudine Robert & Catherine Houdement - ideas for working on random 
- A practical example of interdisciplinarity mathematics-physics: building the notion of angle from physics situations - Helène Merle

Video on-line: click here to view it

- Hungary: "Educating through life"
  October 14 & 15 / 22 & 23 - Apor Vilmos Catholic College, Vac 
  report - contact: Zsuzsanna Gajdóczki

- Italy: "National meeting on Scienceduc"
  October 19 & 20 - Cifre, Perugia
  report - contact: Anna Allerhand

- Estonia: October 29 & 30 - Tartu University, Tartu
  report - contact: Toomas Tenno

- Sweden: 6 regional and national conferences - April to October 2005
  general report - contacts: Sven-Olof Holmgren and Kerstin Reimstad

Recruitment Seminar, RSAS Stockholm,
Regional Conference Dalarna, Börlange
Regional Conference Mälarden, Trosa
Reg. Conference Västra Götaland, Hallsberg,
Recruitment Seminar, RSAS Stockholm
Regional Conference Östra Götaland, Oskarshamn

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