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Pilot Project: Middle school students' use of ICT in science learning

This pilot project was based on an existing activity: outreach workshops we deliver with our Explor@mobile vans. These scientific workshops take place in middle school classes, and they are led by Explor@dome educators and teachers with the aim of producing a multimedia production such as a web site, a video or other digital content. We started an evaluation of the impact of the use of ICT in the students’ learning process and the teachers’ teaching process in science education.

Target age group
Students aged 10-15years old



  • Science/multimedia workshops - 12 sessions in each course - in middle schools
  • Evaluation/analysis of the impact of those activities on science learning and teaching
  • Teacher training sessions
  • Production of online resources and recommendations for teachers


  • Students’ multimedia productions at the end of each session - June 05/Feb 06
  • Teachers’ multimedia productions - during trainings.
  • On-line resources on ESEP portal
  • DESS thesis based on teachers training sessions

Validation and revision of our teaching style based on hands-on science activities integrating ICT as well as a positive impact on the teachers' teaching methods.

Evaluation strategy
Questionnaires and interviews with students and teachers in association with researchers and students from the Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology at Nanterre University, France.

For further information see the PENCIL deliverables:

D10 Assessment of Pilot Projects
Case studies illustrating the work of each of the Pencil pilot projects (pdf, in English).

D24 Pilot Project Outcomes
The objectives, the learning activities used, the methodology employed and the results of the pilot projects (pdf, in English).

Pilot coordinator

Explor@dome, Paris, France

The Explor@dome is an interactive environment to discover science and multimedia, housed by a 600m2 dome in the Acclimatization Garden in Paris, France. Visitors have access to permanent and temporary hands-on exhibits, a multimedia lab and two classrooms for workshops. Two vans called “Explor@mobile” enable us to set up outreach projects in schools.

Contact details
Jardin d’Acclimatation
Bois de Boulogne
75116 Paris

Project coordinator
Charles Sol - Executive manager of Explor@dome
Tel: +33 1 53 64 90 43
Fax: +33 1 53 64 90 41
Mob : +33 6 85 75 43 28
E-mail : charles@exploradome.com


Scientific partners
• Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology, Université Paris X – Nanterre, France
• Laboratory for research in science and technology education and “Palais de la Découverte”, Paris, France

Educational partners
• Conseil General du Val d’Oise - administration for middle schools in the Oise valley, France
• Middle school teachers in the Oise valley
• IUFM of Ile-de-France - teacher training administration
• CDDP 92 – Hauts de Seine -  public library and resource centre for teachers, France

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