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Pilot Project: So… Science! Social Dimension of Science, Diversity and Gender Issues

The project aimed to experiment innovative educational practices focused on the social dimension of science and its impact on everyday life, and to confront the negative image of science in the public and particularly in young people and students. This social dimension was considered not only at an epistemological and political level – including legitimacy, governance, ethics, and more - but also considering issues that can influence the perception of science.

Target age group
13-18 years old

Italian and English


  • Hands-on approaches
  • Conferences for teachers and students
  • Debates between scientists
  • Production of multimedia assets


  • Activity Evaluation Report
  • Models of didactic activity
  • Multimedia products
  • Evaluation Report

This project represented an effort to find effective ways to bring the expertise and resources of Città della Scienza into schools to confront problems of science education. Science was viewed as a “social” approach, where gender and social situation of students influence methodology and didactic strategies.

Evaluation strategy

  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups

For further information see the PENCIL deliverables:

D10 Assessment of Pilot Projects:
Case studies illustrating the work of each of the Pencil pilot projects (pdf, in English).

D24 Pilot Project Outcomes:
The objectives, the learning activities used, the methodology employed and the results of the pilot projects (pdf, in English).

Pilot coordinator

Città della Scienza, Naples, Italy

The FONDAZIONE IDIS-Città della Scienza is an innovative structure designed to offer assistance to local development within a national, European and Mediterranean framework. Città della Scienza is housed in the beautifully atmospheric premises of an old mid-nineteenth century factory building situated in the heart of the ex-industrial area of Bagnoli in Naples. Its mission is to promote development starting from wide social participation, awareness activities and the development of scientific knowledge.

Contact details
Città della Scienza
Via Coroglio, 104
80124 Naples

Project coordinator
Mario Campanino
Phone: +39 081 7352 224
Fax: +39 081 7352 267
Mobile: +39 329 6127 837
Email: campanino@cittadellascienza.it


Scientific partners
Research centres in social sciences and pure science are currently being identified

Educational partners

  • Schools in the area of Naples and its surroundings
  • Department for Education of the Municipality of Naples
  • Associations of teachers at a local and national level:
    • Associazione Italiana per l’Insegnamento della Fisica
    • Life Learning Centre Network

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