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Pilot Project: Future technologies

The project aimed to find out the role of innovative technologies used in la Cité de l’espace to improve science learning. The first step was a qualitative survey with schools on a temporary exhibition - “Mission Biospace” – that focused on the future, using a lot of innovative technologies.

Based on the information emerging from this evaluation, a survey was launched to compare three ways of learning in la Cité de l’espace: hands-on, workshops and innovative technologies such as 3D video in the planetarium. These surveys included tests of prototypes with schools, teachers' workshops, children's work and student surveys.

Target age group
8-12 years old

English and French


  • Qualitative surveys
  • Teachers' workshops
  • Tests of hands-on prototypes with schools
  • Production of interactive learning objects
  • Teacher support and recommendations


  • Global report
  • Intermediate evaluation reports
  • 3D video planetarium show
  • Workshops for primary schools
  • Permanent exhibition for children
  • Learning resources

The focus was improve the ways of teaching for primary schools by identifying good practices, and disseminating them to influence teaching methods via teacher training and other approaches.

Evaluation strategy

  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Tests

For further information see the PENCIL deliverables:

D10 Assessment of Pilot Projects:
Case studies illustrating the work of each of the Pencil pilot projects (pdf, in English).

D24 Pilot Project Outcomes:
The objectives, the learning activities used, the methodology employed and the results of the pilot projects (pdf, in English).

Pilot coordinator

Cité de l’espace, Toulouse, France

La Cité de l’espace officially opened on 27th June 1997 with an exhibition covering an area of 2500 square metres. The exhibition consists of 200 units including hands-on displays, interactive terminals, software programs, and presentations. The centre covers 4 ha and features a full-scale replica of the Ariane 5 rocket, a Mir Station open to the public, and a hall devoted to audiovisual shows called Terr@dome. An IMAX cinema was opened in May 2005.

Contact details
Cité de l’espace
Avenue Jean Gonord
BP 5855
31 506 TOULOUSE cedex 5

Project coordinator
Christophe Chaffardon, Learning Manager


Educational partners
Primary Schools
Ecole Guillaumet, Toulouse, France
Ecole Jean Macé, Toulouse, France
Ecole Lamartine, Rouffiac, France
Ecole Fabre, Toulouse, France

Secondary Schools
Collège Château de l’Hers, Toulouse, France
Collège Louise Michel, L’Isle-Jourdain, France

Academic partners

Rectorat de l’Académie de Toulouse (National Education Department), France
IUFM Midi-Pyrénées (University centre in science of education), France

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