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Science on Stage

The Science on Stage programme offers European science teachers the chance to exchange successful and innovative teaching methods and materials. Previously the programme was organised by EIROforum, a group of seven research organisations, but currently it continues on a national level in some countries based on the effort of teachers involved. The goal of the programm is to strengthen the awareness and interest of young people in science and technology. The aim is to increase the attractiveness of science lessons through the promotion of exciting ideas.

National Activities

Competitions, workshops and events, organised by National Steering Committees, took place in 29 participating European countries throughout 2005, 2006 and 2007. These activities raised awareness of best practices in science teaching and identify exceptional teaching projects and outstanding educators in each country. Each country has national webpages describing their activities (see e.g. http://www.science-on-stage.de/, http://www.scienceonstage.be/).

Currently the programme continues on a national level in some countries, based on the effort of teachers involved.

International events

Two European Science Teaching Festivals were organised during the course of the project. They  showcased the very best of current science education and served as a discussion forum for relevant topics. Participating teachers had a unique opportunity to exchange materials and ideas, to meet scientists, learn from them and work together to bring cutting edge science into the classroom. The festivals culminated with a ceremony for the European Science Teaching Awards.

How can I take part?

European teachers can apply through their National Steering Committees to take part in their country’s activities. Proposals can be for workshops, displays at the teaching fair or on-stage activities such as presentations or performances.

Further information
For more information, please visit the project website at: http://www.scienceonstage.net

Contact point: Helen Wilson ESTEC - EXR-E European Space Agency Postbus 299 2200 AG Noordwijk The Netherlands +31 71 565 5518 (tel) +31 71 565 5590 (fax) Helen.Wilson@esa.int


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