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European Science Teaching Initiative (ESTI)

Coordinated by the EIROforum, ESTI combined three elements: Science on Stage (SOS), a Journal of European Science Teaching (Science in School) and the Volvox network for biosciences. Formerly known as “Physics on Stage” (also sponsored by the Commission and the EIROforum), SOS was a cycle of science teaching festivals organized with dozens of national events across Europe culminating in an international festival every two years. Alongside seminars conducted by top scientists and numerous workshops, the festivals included a major teaching prize and a fair in which teachers demonstrated and exchanged their best ideas. SOS was held twice during the NUCLEUS project. SOS continues on a national level in some countries.

Science on Stage (SOS)

The Science on Stage programme offers European science teachers the chance to exchange successful and innovative teaching methods and materials. Previously the programme was organised by EIROforum, a group of seven research organisations, but currently it continues on a national level in some countries based on the effort of teachers involved. The goal of the programm is to strengthen the awareness and interest of young people in science and technology. The aim is to increase the attractiveness of science lessons through the promotion of exciting ideas. Read more.

Science in School : an European journal for science teachers

Science in School is a European journal to promote inspiring science teaching. It covers not only biology, physics and chemistry, but also maths and earth sciences, highlighting the best in teaching and cutting-edge research, and focusing on interdisciplinary work. The contents include teaching materials; recent discoveries in science; education projects; interviews with young scientists and inspiring teachers; education research; book reviews; European events for teachers; and an online discussion forum. Read more

Science in School is freely available. Online articles are published in many European languages; a print version is distributed in English. More details and the first issues are available at: www.scienceinschool.org.

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