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Cinema and Science (CISCI)

CISCI combines the two most popular media among youngsters, namely movies and the Internet, aiming to raise the attractiveness of science while dispelling widely-spread misconceptions that arise from pseudo-science. CISCI is coordinated by the Vienna University of Technology, and set up by the CISCI-consortium of 11 partners including partners from the new and old European countries as well as the U.S.A.

The idea of CISCI is to set up a free database with clips and scenes from films with scientific themes, analyzing their scientific content from the point of view of different scientific disciplines. On a web-based platform CISCI provides these new innovative classroom resources.

Specific objectives of CISCI are:

  • To raise the interest and attractiveness of science in the young generation and support the study and career choices of young people in the direction of science through movies
  • To take movies as a vehicle to present scientific concepts and scientific laws to pupils
  • To provide the teaching staff with a broad range of downloadable support materials to facilitate the preparation of lesson plans / curriculum support and allow teaching professionals to collaborate productively via the Internet and to share experience as well as comment / judge the usefulness of the presented film resources
  • To help pupils to learn to distinguish between pseudo-science sciences presented in popular movies and scientific laws and ideas, to think critically about science information presented in popular movies, and help them to learn where the borderline between verified and untested scientific assertions
  • To overcome gender-stereotyped representations of science and scientists and encourage especially female students to engage with scientific careers
  • To address public ethical and risk concerns related to science
  • To engage with professional bodies who have a vested interest in the promotion of scientific study to fulfil vacancies in industries, e.g., Engineering, Pharmaceutical, etc., and provide science careers based advice to students

The web-based CISCI-site was launched on November 2006.

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Download the powerpoint presentation (pdf ~2M)

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