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Last stop Slovenia: Xperimania Science Ambassadors close the tour

As a closure of the successful Xperimania tour, the Science Ambassadors visited Stari trg pri Ložu in Slovenia on 1 June 2010. During the three workshops that were organised, the ambassadors managed once again to convince the students of the fun side of science.

The Xperimania Science Ambassadors were warmly welcomed to the Osnovna šola heroja Janeza Hribarja school by head teacher Sonja Jozelj, English teacher Antoneta Ješelnik, physics teacher Ivanka Rovan, chemistry teacher Irena Šfiligoj and biology teacher Hejdi Baraga. Laura Javoršek, the biology teacher who had submitted the application to the Xperimania ambassadors, was unfortunately unable to attend the workshops.

Around 65 students aged between 11 and 13 took part in the workshops. Each started with the question of what the students thought about science, followed by a general introduction to petrochemistry. The ambassadors especially targeted those students who said they didn’t like science; perhaps they would discover new sides of chemistry and physics which would make them change their minds!

After explaining the basic scientific methods of observing, hypothesizing, exploring and drawing conclusions, the ambassadors let the students get their hands dirty and try out these methods themselves. The students carried out three or four experiments in each workshop, discovering how chemistry and physics theories work in practice.

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