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Share your best tips for science education on the STELLA web portal

The STELLA web portal (www.stella-science.eu) has launched new tools for teachers and experts to share their best practices on science education in Europe. By joining the STELLA forums and submitting initiatives to the STELLA catalogue you can share your experiences and exchange ideas on new teaching methods and educational approaches.

STELLA project is funded with support from the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme. It aims to improve the science education in Europe by inspiring teachers’ and experts’ communication and exchange of ideas on teaching methods and best practices.

Open forums for broad discussions on education

The STELLA forums bring together teachers, teacher trainers, experts and everyone interested in science education together to communicate with each other and with the STELLA team. The topics, science education and interesting practices, are discussed both at national level (national forums for Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria) and across countries (European forums).

Fill in an online questionnaire and share your favourite initiatives

Teachers are invited to submit their favourite initiatives and projects to the STELLA catalogue using an easy and quick online questionnaire. The questionnaire includes multiple choice questions and a free space to describe the most important aspects of the initiative. The questionnaire is available in all the STELLA languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Bulgarian.

Properly filled in questionnaires are published on the STELLA catalogue of initiatives, which is accessible online for everybody interested in science education. The catalogue is searchable by the subjects and the targeted age group. Additional resources, such as videos, interviews, and case studies, are available for a number of initiatives. The catalogue includes also more than 500 initiatives from the former Socrates GRID project - Growing interest in the development of teaching science.

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