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The Environment on the Serres Doorstep

Schools in the prefecture of Serres - Greece, have achieved great results during the current academic year (2005/2006) by participating in a global environmental education programme facilitated by UNESCO Serron.

Every year UNESCO runs an environmental programme where a prestigious prize is given to a local school for its work on local environmental issues. The prize gives the students an opportunity to work in conjunction with environmental experts in an university of the Greek Islands. This year was a key year as it is the International year of Desertification.

Pupils woke up early on a March Saturday morning to put all their  activities on display in the main square of Serres City. As shoppers and judges passed by, pupils were able to tell them what is happening about renewable energy, organic food production, wine-making, the danger of mobile phones, local nature parks and waste in the Serres context.

The students were able to educate the public about environmental issues in Greece but also about the future situation in other countries. The Musical school told: 'It is very important to educate young people about mobile phones, because we don't really know exactly the dangers. Our generation is almost an experiment'.

Other schools compared the amount of organic production in Greece or alternative energy forms with other countries. 'Greece has the lowest amount of organic production in the EU but, on the other hand, most people grow their own vegtables'.

The activities carried out by schools were exhaustive: role play, drama, posters, excursions to a nearby wind farm, talks with local experts, internet research. Many schools have also produced big booklets and nice displays about their work.

At the end, the local judges together with two European volunteers from the European Voluntary Service Programme voted these schools and awarded the winners on 3 June 2006.


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