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European Seminar on Open source and Open Content for Learning- 25 October 2006

The first Bazaar seminar– called ‘Hey Dude, Where’s My Data?‘ will be held in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday 25 October 2006 between 1.30 and 5 pm and will be hosted by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

With Web 2.0, more and more people have their documents, products, pictures and personal details stashed all over the internet. What issues does this raise for education?
One can notice the rise of commercial services. With the use of free, commercial, centrally hosted, social software services growing in education, some important issues arise: who controls this data? Is there any alternative?

These questions will be explored on 25 October 2006, during the next Seminar organised by the Bazaar, a community portal for people who want to use, exchange and share Open Source Software and resources to support learning.
Amongst other activities, the Bazaar project is organising a series of seminars on key
and emergent issues in Open Source and Open Content for learning. These seminars intend to be explorative, participative events and to raise issues for future policy and funding by the European Commission and national Member States.

Interested in the theme? 
To attend the "Hey Dude, Where’s My Data?" seminar, please:
- contact Graham Attwell and
- visit the website: http://www.bazaar.org.

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