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Europeans are more interested in science than sport

According to a new Eurobarometer report, nearly 80% of Europeans say they are interested in scientific discoveries and technological developments, compared to 65% interested in sport. 66% of Europeans believe governments should do more to interest young people in scientific issues and 58% agree or tend to agree that young people interested in science have better chances of getting a job.

Over 70% of Europeans think EU-funded research will become more important in the future. 57% think scientists should put more effort into communicating about their work and 66% believe governments should do more to interest young people in scientific issues.

Europeans overwhelmingly recognise the benefits and importance of science but many also express fears over risks from new technologies and the power that knowledge gives to scientists.

Research, Innovation and Science Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn said: "The success of the Europe 2020 Strategy depends on cutting edge science to keep Europe competitive. In turn, that means ordinary Europeans need to back science and keep the pressure up on government and on industry to invest in it. These results show a very high awareness of the importance of science. But they also show that both politicians – like me – and scientists themselves need to explain better what we are doing and why."

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