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6 February: Safer Internet Day 2007

The fourth edition of Safer Internet Day (SID) will be celebrated on 6 February 2007. Starting as an initiative in 2004, SID has become a major annual event crowning the awareness activities of Insafe, the European safer internet network. The growing network of nodes from Europe and beyond has a mission to promote media literacy and the safe, ethical and efficient use of the internet and mobile phones. Events are being organised by all national nodes for SID.

More than 200 schools and 150 organisations are taking part in the event via a global ‘blogathon’ - a blog that opens every year on SID - and competition for creating digital materials on e-privacy, netiquette, and the power of images.

Using the internet and other new technologies means we can make and keep contact with people from all over the world to an unprecedented extent. So, this year’s blogathon focuses on the topic ‘Crossing Borders’.
What do we get out of virtually going beyond our national boundaries? Living and learning internationally via the internet brings a lot more excitement, friendship and knowledge into our lives. It leads us to reflect on our preconceived ideas and opens our minds to a whole new world of possibilities, broadening our horizons and building bridges between people and cultures in a way that was never before possible. It means that we need to carefully navigate the fine line between our own rights, freedom, privacy and the rights of others.

Schools will showcase their creations 2007 Blogathon and on 6 February 2007, four winners will be announced and will receive prizes of ICT equipment for the schools worth a total of 3 000 euros. At the same time, the blog will be opened to participating organisations who will each post messages on the topic of ‘crossing borders’.

Further information and contact:

Visit the Insafe website
Janice Richardson

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