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Robot sports – designing winners

At the Annual World Championship for Robotic Football in Osaka/Japan, the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin) robotic football team defended their world champion title from 2004 in the class of small robots (up to 18cm diameter) with a win of 4-0 against the Cornell team from the USA.

RoboCup and Roboworld Cup for university teams

The RoboCup is a championship where robotic teams from all over the world meet to compare the skills of their robots. The best players are those with an excellent video recognition system, a good team communication and well tuned mechanics. The RoboCup is therefore not only a game but a demonstration of the capabilities of future industry robots.

However, in the league of large robots (up to 50cm diameter), the FU Berlin team only reached the second place behind the team of the Keio University in Japan, losing 2-3. This is the first ever championship with a non-Japanese robot – until now, every championship involved two Japanese universities.

Later this year, the Federation of International Robot-soccer Association will hold the FIRA Roboworld Cup Singapore 2005 in December this year, while a Robot Olympiad is also being held in October this year.

Robot Olympiad for school teams

The Robot Olympiad is open to all schools, and aims to encourage interest in science and technology among young people. It takes place in October 2005. There are categories for under 12s, 13-18 year olds, and 19 years and up. Robot events include robot dancing, solving puzzles and mazes, soccer, boxing, weight lifting and more. Visit the Robot Olympiad site for more information.

Watch videos of last year's FIRA Roboworld Cup
Full story about FU Berlin, in German only:

Federation of International Robot-soccer Association

International Robot Olympiad

Thanks to IROC for the image of the robot.

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