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European Schoolnet Launches New Xplora Portal

European Schoolnet is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved Xplora website, a major European hub for the science education community.
It has been updated to enhance usability and accessibility, expand functionality and boost awareness of important news items. Available in English, French and German, the new website features clearer navigation, more focused content and a cleaner user interface.

As far as functionality and accessibility are concerned, two main changes have been implemented:
-  First, the access to each page has been extremely simplified. You can now find what you are looking for right from the front page. Every piece of content is accessible from there within a maximum of three mouse clicks.
- Second, most of the pop-up windows have been removed from the site. From now on, functionalities are featured on the same page. Once users are logged-in, they can easily navigate, view all the content and go to the member area where they can create community, participate in a forum, find or even contribute learning resources.

Regarding usability, the layout is more user-friendly, on the homepage as much as the internal pages.
The homepage includes the two most recent news and special events, along with a monthly agenda. It also provides easy access to Xplora partners and teachers as well as EU funded projects in the area of science, technology and education.
On the left-hand side of its entry page, the portal offers quick links to the main sections: Library, Megalab, Practice, News and Events.
The new design streamlines a special area dedicated to the Xplora community members as well as interactive option for users to subscribe to the newsletter.

Additional enhancements are also planned in the very near future: Xplora is going to bring the community of science educators, Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS). It will entirely fit into the new design of Xplora.

An important resource for the public, science teachers and journalists, the European gateway to science education Xplora uses advanced communication technology to manage the PENCIL project, set up the exchanges between partners and enable continuous monitoring and demonstration of the projects toward the science teachers' community.

So, do not wait any longer and enjoy your visit to the new Xplora portal!

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