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Survey for young people on Nanotechnologies

NANOYOU – Communicating Nanotechnology to European Youth – invites young people aged 11 to 25 years old to participate in a survey of their opinions and expectations with regard to Nanotechnologies.

NANOYOU is a European research project with partner organisations from seven countries. While many programmes and projects informing the public about nanotechnologies already exist, this is the first specially focusing on youth, offering activities at schools.

The aim of NANOYOU is to design and undertake a communication and education outreach programme particularly for young people. As a preliminary study, ZSI – the Centre for Social Innovation – is conducting a comprehensive survey in the participating project countries; the survey will be accessible in eight languages (Catalan, Danish, German, Italian, English, French, Rumanian, and Spanish).

Young people, aged 11 to 25 years old will be asked if they heard of nanotechnologies, what they associate with them, what they know about them, and how and where they learned about it.

They will be given the opportunity to share their expectations from these emerging technologies. Additionally, they will be asked what applications and products they would and would not like to see developed for their future and what they would like to have further information about. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to tell their opinions about social and ethical aspects of new technologies and to judge about their pros and cons.

The survey will be accessible from October 1st 2009 at www.nanoyou.eu/survey
Additionally, schools could register for being a pilot school within the project at www.nanoyou.eu.

Results will be available at January 2010 at the same project web site.

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