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Subscribe as a pilot school for NANOYOU!

NANOYOU is a new project focused on informing and encouraging young students about nanotechnology properties. Schools from around Europe can now register to the project and receive many creative and interesting activities and materials about nanotechnologies for the classroom.

Nanotechnology consists of the development and application of materials and processes at nanoscale. It is a scientific discipline in full evolution, with enormous potential benefits to various application areas such as energy storage, solar cells, drug delivery, biomaterials, bacteria resistant surfaces, and ICT, just to mention few. As every new technology, it is important to reflect also on the possible safety, ethical, societal, and legal implications on nanotechnologies.
In this context NANOYOU encourages young people to engage in learning about nanotechnologies through exhibitions, computer games, online experiments and other entertaining and creative activities specifically designed for them. NANOYOU will also encourage a dialogue about the ethical, legal and social aspects of nanotechnologies using similar multimedia tools.

The activities of NANOYOU will approach three main fields where nanotechnologies promise to bring great benefits: Medicine, Environment and Energy and ICT. The activities will be divided in age groups:

Students from 11-13,
Students from  14-18

These groups will be reached through public schools that decide to take advantage of the opportunity. Young people aged between 19 -25 will be able to participate in NANOYOU through special programs offered in science centers.

Why get involved?

Nanoyou is a great chance for schools and teachers to receive first hand information on nanotechnologies that has been prepared specifically for young people.
Schools that are willing to take part in the project will benefit from many creative and interesting activities and materials for the whole classroom, namely:

  • Introductory video, (about nanoscience and nanotechnology effects and fields of application) and poster
  • A virtual exhibition that will present animations, simulations and virtual experiments
  • A Nanotechnology time machine game
  • Workshop “What is nanotechnology” with games such as nano jigsaw puzzle and nano memory game
  • A role play workshop presenting different dilemmas where students will choose a stakeholder role (e.g., worker, consumer, politician, media writer, environmental protection advocate)
  • Virtual dialogue through a forum on the Project website 

Teachers will be provided with training materials, guides and training kits for all the activities, the materials will mainly be online and freely downloadable. All pilot schools will also be granted with 1000 euros for engagement with the project.
How to register to become a pilot school

You can already enter your details here to express your interest in becoming a pilot school.

For further information please contact:

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