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Hands-On Guide for Science Communicators released

Are you looking for tips and advice to communicate about science? Lars Lindberg Christensen, an experienced science communicator from the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre, has just released a new book aimed to change attitudes towards science communication in Europe. “One of the main tasks of science communication is to publicise the presence of the natural sciences in all aspects of society and our daily lives” highlights the author in his hands-on-guide.

“On average, scientists and organisations in the US are doing much better in public outreach activities than their European counterparts. Why? It is not only a matter of funding” acknowledges Dirk H. Lorenzen, Senior science reporter for German Public Radio, in the foreword of the book.
”There is a completely different attitude to science communication in the US. Most scientists, science organisations and funding agencies in the US have realised that active communication is critically important to keep the system running smoothly and effectively.”

The book is designed for full-time science communicators working in communication offices in scientific institutions as well as scientists, decision-makers, journalists, teachers, science amateurs and others with an interest in science communication.
It provides detailed information about the communication process, visual and written communication tips and a scientists' checklist for interviews. You will find an overview of the science-communication production chain, practical advices on how to draft press releases, produce printed material, plan websites and shoot videos. The book also addresses the issue of crisis communication and credibility in science communication.

The guide complements another book recently published by the European Commission, “Communicating European Research 2005”, intended to remove barriers to science communication.

More information
Visit the Lars Lindberg Christensen's website

The Hands-On Guide for Science Communicators
A Step-by-Step Approach to Public Outreach
Lindberg Christensen, Lars
Publisher: Springer
2007, XVI, 274 p.

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