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Survey on Games in Schools

European Schoolnet has launched in close cooperation with the Interactive software federation of Europe (ISFE) the first European study on the use of games in schools. Twenty eight countries will be screened and a more detailed analysis will focus on Denmark, Estonia, Spain, France, Italy, Lithuania, Austria and the United Kingdom.

The study will provide several complementary and interesting outputs, as :

  • a scientific literature review (What do we know from research?), 
  • an analysis of how education systems can inhibit or facilitate the use of games in schools,
  • a survey of teachers’ s use of games in the classroom,
  • a case studies portfolio, presenting good practices,
  • a practical handbook for teachers with guidance on how to use games in schools,
  • a community of practice to exchange between teachers and experts about practices, how to solve obstacles, further development opportunities, etc. 

All kind of games will be addressed by the study: video games, computer games, online games that run on consoles, computers, handhelds or mobile phones; the games could be adventure, role playing, arcade or strategy games, simulations, driving games or puzzles.

More information and a questionnaire for teachers and for those interested can be found at the following address: http://games-blog.eun.org/

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