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European Vascular Genomics Network (EVGN): focus on education

European Vascular Genomics Network (EVGN), a Network of Excellence funded by the European Union within its sixth Framework Programme, has dedicated a specific section of its website to secondary schools and teachers, to the general public and to people who are non-experts but interested in cardiovascular diseases or simply want to know more about the “science of the heart”.

To them, EVGN offers the possibility of following and even directly participating in the scientific research. You can:
-become an EVGN Pal School, you need just to send an email to the outreach team - Francesca Noceti or Cristina Serra - they will add you to the mailing list and get in touch with you;
-subscribe to the EVGN newsletter, just contact the outreach team:
Francesca Noceti: team-press@ifom-ieo-campus.it
Cristina Serra cristina.serra@ifom-ieo-campus.it

More about EVGN website
The website features several sections. Some of them present basic information on the cardiovascular system, the heart and the atherosclerosis topic. Other sections undergo a regular updating, as they report recent results from EVGN laboratories: short news, in depth on selected labs and focus on a particular research.  From the website people can get in touch with EVGN scientists asking them questions of general interest and get a quick answer from some of the most eminent scientists in the field.

Upcoming initiatives
Soon, a new section “Question of the month” will be added,   opened to secondary schools that have subscribed the EVGN mailing list and newsletter. The first received correct answer, to the "Question", will be awarded with a scientific publication.
Some of the laboratories will be shortly equipped with webcams. Pal Schools will have the chance to live “A day in the life of …” some labs. After this exciting experience, schools wil be invited to write a short report of their lab-day, that will be published in EVGN website.

More initiatives are in process. So, come and meet us at: http://www.evgn.org/

What is EVGN?
EVGN promotes multidisciplinary interaction in the field of vascular biology. It gathers 25 basic and clinical institutions (encompassing 35 academic groups), two biotechnology companies and one management company, from ten EU Member or Associated States, all working for a common effort: sharing data, laboratory facilities and informatic platforms. To shed a light on the onset and progression of atherosclerosis, with the final aim of preventing vascular diseases and establishing novel therapies, ad hoc treatments: this is the mission of the European Vascular Genomics Network (EVGN).

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