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CONNECT 2006 Contest is now launched!

CONNECT is an IST project aims at designing the classroom of tomorrow by using advanced technologies to connect formal and informal learning environments. The CONNECT consortium launches the CONNECT 2006 Contest, to motivate teachers to actively participate in the process of constructing educational pathways and augmented reality scenarios, scaffolding students’ meaning making through the CONNECT experience.

The European CONNECT Contest promote the use of the CONNECT web-based tools to create pathways and AR scenarios for the AirFoil, an exhibit demonstrating why airplanes fly. Every physics teacher who is willing to use the CONNECT technology is invited to participate.

How to take part in the Connect contest
To participate in the contest, teachers would need to provide suggestions for students to learn about flight, using the Connect Platform and the teachers’ authoring tool (CVD). The suggestions should focus on the Aerofoil exhibit, a wooden replica of an aeroplane wing. These suggestions should also refer to three sets of activities in the classroom and in the science museum:
• activities for the pre-visit phase, through the Connect platform,
• activities for the visit phase, through the teacher’s authoring tool,
• activities for the post-visit phase, through the Connect Platform.

Contest entries are individual and the deadline for submissions is 15 May 2006.
Applicants should have a good working knowledge of the English language, and basic computing skills (use of email and the web).

The authors of the ten best pathways and scenarios will be invited at CERN, Geneva, to participate in the Science Teachers Conference, organized by Xplora within the Pencil project. Travel expenses of the invited participants will be covered.

Access to the CONNECT web-based tools, more information and the application form could be found at: www.connect-project.net.

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