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New EU Commission book investigates how to improve science communication

The European Commission has recently published a book which offers a useful insight into the current debate on the various aspects of communication about science. Edited by Michel Claessens, "Communicating European Research 2005" offers a series of 40 articles written by speakers who presented their findings at the "Communicating European Research 2005" event hold in Brussels on 14-15 November 2005.

Aiming to remove barriers to science communication, the book is mainly intended to researchers, scientists, science communicators, press officers, science teachers, science museums and centres. The publication clearly illustrates that the public communication of science technology is a key element in the success of the research.

The main aspects of science and technology communication are covered in the book. It addresses topical questions such as:

  • How to improve European public understanding of science?
  • Why communicating European research?
  • How to get science in the news?
  • How to communicate an interdisciplinary project?
  • Should communication become one of the basic skills of scientists, as compulsory as thinking, testing and experimenting?
  • Why would we need standards in science communication?
  • How to reach the business media?

In the new Seventh Framework Programme, the European Commission proposes, for the first time, that participants shall communicate the aims and results of their projects to the public.

More information


 Communicating European Research 2005
 Proceedings of the Conference, Brussels, 14-15 November 2005   
 Claessens, Michel (Ed.)
 2007, XXIV, 248 p., Hardcover

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