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Universeum Science Discovery Centre

Universeum is Sweden’s national science discovery centre, which serves as a meeting place for various fields of scientific study, the academic world, the private sector and the school system – a national and international crossroads for young and old alike.

The basic idea is to create experiences that increase young people’s desire to enhance their knowledge and to become actively involved with the natural sciences, technology and environmental awareness. The main target group is children and teenagers (5 – 19 years), with an emphasis on girls and their parents and teachers.

Our objectives are:
1) To increase young people’s desire to enhance knowledge and to become actively involved with the natural sciences and technology
2) To support the development of learning
3) To contribute to increase insight into, and knowledge about society
4) To help boost recruitment levels in higher education, trade and industry
5) To increase environmental awareness

Universeum includes a mixture of living and technical exhibitions. It features one of the most exciting aquarium installations in Europe, a living rainforest model, a Swedish landscape as well as a large workshop for experimentation, so combining nature and technology. Its holistic concept takes its starting point in a humanistic point of view where man, nature, society, technology and the arts are all part of the same context. This concept supports the idea that by helping individuals to put things in context and understand their potential to influence the way in which things develop, we also provide them with a belief in the future. The National Scientific Advisory Council has been set up to ensure that Universeum adopts a scientific approach. The council comprises representative of many of Sweden’s universities and other higher education institutions.

Universeum offers a diverse school programme. We have developed concepts for informal learning, which have received very positive critics from children, teachers and evaluators. We aim to adapt our programme to children’s complex and holistic view of the world and to promote dialogue and the use of all senses.

Did you know that…

  • It's more than three kilometres from one end of the exhibition to the other
  • The Universeum has the world's largest working water recirculation system! That's three million litres of water!
  • An incredible 1,600 square metres at the Universeum is packed full of science and experiment stations
  • There's a drop of 40 metres from the Swedish mountain at the top of the building to the anaconda swamp in the rainforest at the bottom
  • Universeum has on display all 19 species of Sweden's amphibians and reptiles
  • The Universeum is the world's largest public building with urine-separating toilets?

More details about Universeum

Universeum is part of the PENCIL project and is running the "Learning for a sustainable society" pilot project.

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