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Teknikens Hus - A house full of technology

Teknikens Hus offers a whole world of technology from the industries around us. The mountain rises high above a mine where you can mine and load iron ore. Then, you haul the black ore by train to the steelworks where it is processed into gleaming steel.

Originating at the top of the mountain, the river is your source of hydropower, and its water is a wonderful medium for many different experiments. On its way to the coast, the river flows through the forest, where you can load timber and manoeuvre the logs through the sawmill, or you can examine the wood fibre under the microscope. Make your own paper in a paper machine near the coast, or stand at the bridge of a remote-controlled boat, navigating through the harbour, straight out into Norrbotten’s archipelago.

Together, you and your friends will explore the technology that is part of your everyday lives. The computer, the dishwasher, the toilet ... the gadgets we use every day. How do they work and what do they look like inside?

Reach for the stars

Our guides, who you’ll meet near the exhibits, are just as curious as you, and they’ll be pleased to help you with your inquiries. They’ll also lead you on a journey of discovery to the stars, the planets, the Northern Lights and far-off galaxies in the planetarium. You’ll be just a bit closer to solving the mysteries of the universe.

The questions people ask give us the inspiration to create new exhibits. In the planetarium, people often wonder: how far is it to the Moon and why does it look the way it does? What causes the seasons, and what do the satellites orbiting around our planet actually do? These and many other questions helped us to plan our space area. Here, you can do research, look for answers and learn more about the space engineering that is done right here in Norrbotten. Launch a 10-metre high rocket again and again, or talk to a friend half way around the globe – with a little imagination, you can do it all at the House of Technology!

There’s always something happening at the House of Technology. Special events, presentations by guest lecturers and temporary exhibitions guarantee variation and renewal.

Special events

Special events such as contests for inventors, a popular science week, Chemistry Day and stargazing evenings attract a lot of visitors. During the weekends and school breaks, children and adults can experiment and build things together in the visitors’ lab and workshop.

The Teknikens Hus website

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