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Fondazione IDIS

THE FONDAZIONE IDIS-Città della Scienza is an organisation whose mission is to create fertile ground for embracing scientific culture and innovation in order to contribute to overcoming the serious economic and productive difficulties that characterise the South of Italy.

The fulcrum of the FONDAZIONE IDIS is Città della Scienza; an innovative structure designed to offer assistance to local development within a national, European and Mediterranean framework.

Città della Scienza is housed in the beautifully atmospheric premises of an old mid-nineteenth century factory building situated in the heart of the ex-industrial area of Bagnoli in Naples; the original factory has been restored and restructured following a project drawn up by the architectural firm Studio Pica Ciamarra Associati and represents the first stage of recuperating an important part of the city and putting it to the best possible use. Città della Scienza occupies a surface of about 65 000m2, of which 45 000 m2 are covered - and made of real archaeological monuments - and it will be entirely completed for the end of this year.


Science Centre department

Mission: to manage, to develop and to implement the Science Centre, the activities of service to third parties and to final users; to take care of the relationships with the world of the school and the Local Authorities, the enterprises and the mayoralties aiming at acting on the social process of affirmation of an awareness towards technological and science relapses, approaching the great public the scientific culture and operating in the field of the education to sciences.

Atelier department – Communication projects

Mission: to offer an innovative system of services for designing and setting up museums; to take care of the planning and the realization of new museums, display features and temporary exhibitions in the scientific, cultural, historical-artistic field.

Innovation/Enterprise department

Mission: to manage, to develop and to implement the B.I.C. of Città della Scienza, to be part of the techno-structure to the service of Local Authorities and enterprises; to spread on the territory the enterprise culture encouraging the local entrepreneurs.

Training and job department

Mission: to manage and to implement the High Training Centre of Città della Scienza and SpaziOrienta, participating to the life of the B.I.C. of Città della Scienza. To take care in collaboration with the Science Centre department, the activities aiming at facilitating the access of young people to guideline processes and to individual paths of education and learning and insertion in the world of the job. To act like centre of competence about topic of methodologies for training, careers guidance and professional development.

Events Space department

Mission: to encourage and to manage the conference activities of Città della Scienza.

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