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Experimentarium - Denmark's Science Centre

The Experimentarium is Denmark's Science Centre. It is a place where touching and using the exhibits are not only allowed but are positively encouraged. You pay just one entrance fee for all of the exhibitions.

Facts on Experimentarium
The Experimentarium is Denmark’s only Science Center, with a surface of 4000 m2 and a 850 m2 temporary exhibition area. It features 300 hands-on exhibits for visitors to try, on nature and technology, the environment and health. The interactive exhibits are divided over 13 areas where visitors can create their own experiments in areas such as: The Body in Action, Listen to the Sound, Look at Light and Children’s Waterworks.
Experimentariums Pilots are on hand to help the visitors in the exhibition area and in the workshops.

Experimentarium also houses a Shop, a Café, a Laboratory, an Internet @bc Workshop and a Small Stage (150 seats) and a Main Stage (250 seats). It is admissable to wheelchair-users.

Established on the initiative of the Egmont Foundation, its aims are to promote interest in natural science and technology in the community as widely as possible and to create a social and cultural meeting place between community, industry, commerce and scientists.

Each year Experimentarium organizes one or two special exhibitions which are an important supplement to the main exhibition. Subjects in the past have been: Sport, In the Name of the Law, About Faces, Moving Images, Nordic Explorers, Humans at Play, The Brain, Dinosaurs, Eggs & Babies, Sport & The Body, Robots on the Loose, and Future Body. For the moment we are showing Get in Touch with the Future and Communic@tion.

Since the opening in January 1991 some 3,2 million visitors have enjoyed the exhibits and special programmes.Annually the Experimentarium is visited by some 360,000 guests.
Experimentarium is appropriately housed in Tuborg’s old bottling hall in Hellerup, close to Tuborg Harbour, 5 km north of Copenhagen.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.experimentarium.dk/

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