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Cité de l’Espace - France

La Cité de l’espace officially opened on 27th June 1997. The centre deals with the topics of space, astronomy and all other sciences linked to these themes.

The exhibition covers an area of 2500 m2 and consists of 200 units of hands-on exhibits,  interactive terminals, software programs, dioramas.
This “space park”, covering 4 hectares, features a full-scale replica of the Ariane 5 rocket, a Mir Station open to the public, the hall devoted to audiovisual shows Terr@dome and several models and exhibits.
In spring 2005, a new IMAX cinema seating 300 people, with 3D movies, and a new planetarium seating 280 people, opened in the large extension called “L’Astralia, the 6th continent”.

Some figures about Cite’ de l’Espace
- One visitor out of five is a schoolchild;
- Over the last six years, 400 000 children have visited the Cité de l’Espace;
- 6000 teachers have come for preliminary visits or training courses.

A living experience of the world of the science
To develop everybody’s curiosity about science, the exhibitions and shows at Cité de l’Espace appeal to the senses and feelings of visitors to make them live an experience of science they cannot live anywhere else.
During their visit, schoolchildren grasp the universe through their senses and emotions, which helps them to understand the human and universal features of scientific knowledge, beyond theorems and laws of mechanics.
This experience, which, in the long run, can change pupils’ understanding of sciences and influence their choices or preferences, is accompanied by an important supply of information and content to complement academic teaching.
During a guided visit, through an educational workshop or a specific task prepared by the teacher, human mediation helps to clarify and illustrate the notions and phenomena taught in class.

La Cité de l’Espace is member of PENCIL, running a pilot project on “Future technologies for science learning”.

Visit the website: http://www.cite-espace.com

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