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The Bernard M. Bloomfield Science Museum

The Bernard M. Bloomfield Science Museum is an informal cultural and educational institution that presents exhibitions consisting of active exhibits on subjects in the fields of science and technology and which integrates these exhibits into a context including a wide range of educational activities.

The goals of the museum are to increase interest among members of the general public in science and technology, in the world around us, and to present science and technology as an integral part of human culture.

The museum is 5000 m2 in area and is primarily used as a series of display halls for the museum's various exhibitions. A section of the first wing has been set-aside for preschool visitors. The aim of the second wing is to extend the museum's areas of activity through the setting up of exhibit workshops, areas combining exhibits and educational programming. A state-of-the-art multi-media auditorium provides a facility for demonstrations, drama, films and conferences.

The Bloomfield Science Museum is located on the National Museum Mall, not far from the Israel Museum and the Bible Lands Museum. Furthermore, the Science Museum is adjacent to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Science Campus where the Belmonte Youth Laboratories and the University Botanical Gardens are found.

Educational activities

The museum's exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive range of
educational activities suiting various audiences.

  • Activities for schoolchildren: Encounters with a wide range of scientific phenomena under the guidance of the museum's instructors. Activities are conducted in Hebrew or Arabic and adapted to any special needs.
  • Workshops for children and parents: Program includes an excursion and a joint workshop.
  • Afternoon enrichment groups: Science interest groups for underprivileged children, from preschool to grade 6.
  • In-service training for preschool and elementary school teachers: Professional enrichment and provision of additional teaching tools.
  • Special events for the general public: Family-oriented events on a central topic during holiday and vacation periods.
  • Mobile museum: Exhibitions, special events and activities for community centres, preschools and elementary schools.
  • Young Scientists Contest: A national contest within the framework of a European Union activity. Youth 15-20 invent a device or carry out a research project. The final-stage projects are exhibited in the Museum and winners participate in European and American contests.

Bloomfield Science Museum is part of the PENCIL project, that offers this Xplora portal.

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