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Xplora partner museums

Many science centres and science museums, all around the world, are partners of Xplora. They contribute with news and information, activities and web tools to the portal.


Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza - Firenze
The Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza (IMSS) is one of the foremost international institutions in the History of Science, combining a renowned museum of scientific instruments and an institute dedicated to the research, documentation and dissemination of the history of science...
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The Bernard M. Bloomfield Science Museum
The Bernard M. Bloomfield Science Museum is an informal cultural and educational institution that presents exhibitions consisting of active exhibits on subjects in the fields of science and technology and which integrates these exhibits into a context including a wide range of educational...
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Teknikens Hus - A house full of technology
Teknikens Hus offers a whole world of technology from the industries around us. The mountain rises high above a mine where you can mine and load iron ore. Then, you haul the black ore by train to the steelworks where it is processed into gleaming steel.
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National Marine Aquarium
The National Marine Aquarium is an important UK charitable institution dedicated to raising awareness of the oceans, the life they contain and the ways by which humans affect them. Its main vehicle for attaining these aims is through Britain’s largest aquarium, containing Europe’s...
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Deutsches Museum
Founded in 1903 by the engineer Oskar von Miller, the Deutsches Museum in Munich is now one of the most important museums of science and technology worldwide.
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Universeum Science Discovery Centre
Universeum is Sweden’s national science discovery centre, which serves as a meeting place for various fields of scientific study, the academic world, the private sector and the school system – a national and international crossroads for young and old alike.
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Fondazione IDIS
THE FONDAZIONE IDIS-Città della Scienza is an organisation whose mission is to create fertile ground for embracing scientific culture and innovation in order to contribute to overcoming the serious economic and...
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Experimentarium - Denmark's Science Centre
The Experimentarium is Denmark's Science Centre. It is a place where touching and using the exhibits are not only allowed but are positively encouraged. You pay just one entrance fee for all of the exhibitions.
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Cité de l’Espace - France
La Cité de l’espace officially opened on 27th June 1997. The centre deals with the topics of space, astronomy and all other sciences linked to these themes.
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