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Hands on experiments

In this section we would like to offer you some practical examples of scientific experiments. You can download for free the projects and, if you like, you can use it and repeat it in your class. Do you have your own scientific activities or you laboratory experiments? If you like to be featured, contact: Johanna Snellman.


Water Filtering Ecological Device
“Water Filtering Ecological Device” is the name of a project developed by Rodica Stoian and Monica Ivancea, two 16- year-old students from Vasile Alecsandri High School in Galati, Romania with the collaboration of their biology teacher. This project, presented this year...
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Hands On Brains On - hands on activities for primary schools
During the last decades, science centres and museums have been leading the way with hands-on learning and teaching in Europe. The multidisciplinary contents of modern science centre exhibitions are large and unique forming a reliable learning resource.
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Home-made electric current sources
This is physics project proposed by Anca Adriana Arbune, a 17-years-old maths student at the “Vasile Alecsandri” National High School in Galatzi Romania. She presents some proposals to create home-made electric current sources to explore and experiment the world of Physics.
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Colourful Chemistry
The “Emil Racovita” Secondary School in Galatzi, Romania has carried out a laboratory chemistry activity on acid-base indicators.
Aura Cozmaciuc, the chemistry teacher, and her 16 and 17 year-old students have used the Heureka colourful activity available both on the...
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Science activities from Heureka
We are presenting some scientific projects and experiments from Heureka the Finnish Science Centre. You can learn about chemistry laboratory activities, mineral study, water analysis and more.
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