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Xplora – DVD Knoppix: make science accessible for schools

The Xplora team has developed a live bootable DVD – Xplora Knoppix, based on the Linux Debian distribution and completely contained on a self booting DVD.

This Knoppix version is especially mastered for Xplora and contains software applications focused on science education, as well as a number of educational materials from the Xplora repository. As it is open source software it can be given away freely and be copied as well. The Xplora – Knoppix release 2.0 has a multilingual support – English, French, and German.

Where and how can I get the DVD?

You can download the ISO image from the EUN FTP server. The file size exceeds 4 GB.

You can also download and read a more complete description about the DVD, with information about the educational material and some technical tips.

For more information: info-xplora@xplora.org

Caution: With some versions of Windows, you can meet difficulties with downloading files bigger than 4GB. During the process, if the size mentioned on your screen is less than 4GB, you are probably the victim of a bug. In this case, the only chance to get the DVD is to take part in one of our workshops and presentations.

Xplora DVD and ALF - Accendiamo La Fantasia
ALF - Accendiamo La Fantasia, an Italian association involved in educational and ICT projects, has provided an Italian translation which explains how to use the DVD, which are its main educational features and more. You can also download the ISO image from there!

Read more about our content partner ALF!

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