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Grace - free software for data analysis and graphs

Grace is a data analysis and plotting program, available for free. Karl Sarnow, pedagogical coordinator of Xplora, explains more about how it can be used in science teaching.

Who might be interested in Grace?
Teachers and students of science in secondary schools

What is Grace? Grace is a data analysis and plotting program. It is now called Grace - but the program started out known as xmgrace.

What makes it different from a spreadsheet like Excel? It is more powerful in displaying data and has a lot of predefined data transformations, like data fitting, time series analysis and more. It is a professional laboratory program.

Can I give it to my pupils? Yes, the program is published under a general public license (GPL). This means you can use, copy and distribute the program as much as you like without paying for it or worrying about licenses.

Where can I get it? Either go direct to the homepage or download the GI-Knoppix version from here. You can burn a CD-ROM with the Knoppix file and run it from the CD-ROM.

Can I get a full description of the program before trying to use it? Yes, either have a look at the original documentation or read a review in German.

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