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Umbrello UML Modeller

Umbrello UML Modeller is a Unified Modelling Language diagram programme available natively for Unix. It is part of the KDE Desktop Environment but works well with other desktops and programming environments. Stavros Nikou, who is an informatics teacher in secondary public schools and teaches programming, databases, internet and multimedia in vocational school in Greece, describes this software below.


Object Oriented is one of the buzzwords in Secondary Education. The latest years there has been a paradigm shift in modelling informatics systems from the top-down procedural approach to the object oriented modelling.
"Objects-first" is an increasingly popular strategy for teaching object-oriented programming by introducing the concepts of objects, classes, and instances before procedural elements of a programming language.

Can you tell more about ULM?
The UML is a graphical language for specifying, visualizing, constructing and documenting the artifacts of software systems. In the same way that builders and architects communicate based on blueprints, software analysts and programmers communicate based on a graphical language called UML (Unified Modelling Language). ULM is a visual modelling tool.

What can I do with Umbrello UML Modeller?
Umbrello UML Modeler is a UML diagram tool that can support you in the software development process. Especially during the analysis and design phases of this process, Umbrello UML Modeler will help you to get a high quality product. UML can also be used to document your software designs. Umbrello handles all the standard UML diagram types.

Can students benefit from it?
The benefits of introducing object-oriented concepts in secondary education are numerous, including that graphical representation encourages collaboration among the learners.
UML can help the student to visualise the whole system with its objects and relationships and also to produce some initial code to start with. 

Can you give me an example?
This activity using Umbrello as a UML tool involves a class implementation called Student which asks for the student name and prints a personalised hallo message on the screen.
It has an attribute called studentName and three methods called setStudentName, getStudentName and dislplayName.
The UML class diagram class is shown in the figure below:

We create the class in the Umbrello environment as the following figures show.

We also use the Umbrello tool to automatically produce Java code from the class definition.
The students appreciate the automatic code generation directly from the design tool.

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