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New games and animations in the KidsCorner Energy Education Database

The KidsCorner Energy Education Database is created by ManagEnergy, an initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport. It features an online database of energy education resources from across Europe with attractive games and videos.

Switch If Off is a simple, fun Flash game that encourages children to switch off audio visual equipment to save energy. The electrovipers are turning on all the TVs and Radios, draining your energy! Switch off TVs and Radios to increase your energy. Switch them on and you lose energy! Watch out for electrovipers!!

Try it out at: www.managenergy.net/kidscorner/games/switchitoff/switchitoff_intro.html

The new Solar Hot Water animation shows in simple terms how an evacuated tube collector works by exchanging heat with a copper header linked to a copper coil in a water storage tank.

Try it out at: www.managenergy.net/kidscorner/animations/solar_hot_water_an.html

The European Commission has launched a new Cartoon Animation video, Energy: Let's save it! Viewers can enjoy the energy saving tips, and save money. In 3 minutes 40 seconds, this cartoon shows both the bad and the good behaviour in energy consumption. It presents, in a cartoon style, simple and basic energy saving tips to save the planet and to save money, would it be at home, at work, or on the way to work.

The video was produced by the EC Directorate-General for Energy and Transport Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.

Try it out at: http://www.managenergy.net/cartoon081112.htm

The KidsCorner Energy Education Database:



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