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KmPlot: a mathematical function plotter

KmPlot is a mathematical function plotter with a powerful built-in function parser.
J. Benito Búa Ares, a mathematics teacher from Spain, looked into the programme and tells you more about its benefits.

What is KmPlot?
KmPlot is a 2D math-graphing program which can plot different functions simultaneously and combine their function terms to build new functions.
This GNU programme for Linux has been developed for the KDE-Desktop. It supports functions with parameters and functions in polar coordinates.

Who might be interested in KmPlot?
This programme is interesting for both students and teachers of secondary level.

How can I do with KmPlot?

  • You can draw the first and second derivative and the integral of a plot function.
  • If you define more than one function, you can obtain new functions and plots combining them. You can also include parameters in the function to study different graphs of the same function. The parameters can be selected manually from a list or you can use a slider bar that controls the parameter values.
  • Various tools are available: you can find minimum and maximum values of a function and draw the area between the function and the x-axis.
  • The program offers three coordinate system types and allows you to change the value of the scale.
  • With KmPlot, you can plot functions and curves with a polar or parametric equation.
  • You can print your work with high precision in correct scale or export it to several image formats (svg, bmp, png).

Where can I download the programme?
KmPlot is one of the programmes which are included in the Xplora – DVD Knoppix. You can also visit the KDE portal .

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