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Geonext 1.51, a dynamic geometry program

Geonext is a software which offers opportunities of visualisation that can not be realised with traditional construction tools. Benito Bua Ares, one of the Xplora teachers in Mathematics, gives you more information about this program.

What exactly is Geonext?

Geonext is a Java-based program for students and teachers aimed at teaching and learning geometry at a secondary level. It has been developed by the Bayreuth University, Germany and is downloadable in 23 languages.
To work with Geonext, it is necessary to install the Java Runtime Environment.
From the Geonext website, you can download the program for Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. You can choose a version which includes Java Runtine Environment or to download Geonext only.

What can I do with this software?

Geonext allows you to work with several objects: points, lines, circles, arrows, etc.
In each object menu, you can use different objects. For example, within the “point” menu which includes 10 different options, you can choose a point such as a “Slider” point that helps you to prepare an animation. To do so, you must click on this option in the slider point object menu. You can also use a long list of services (geometric and arithmetic functions, operators, etc) to work with the various objects.

When you open the properties menu of an object, you can see its different characteristics: size, colour, name, etc. With Geonext, it is very easy to change them.
There are several options to export the objects. You can save your activities in Geonext format of course, but you can save your activities as a html or graphic (PNG and SVG) document, or a slide show. If you decide to prepare a slide show, which is an interesting option, you must previously do screenshots for each image of the slide show. You can do it from the board menu where you can also change the size of the screen, the axis and even insert an image background, etc.

Can you give me some examples?

If you want to use the html documents offline only, you don’t need to install Geonext but you should have the geonext jar (geonext. jar) archive in the same folder as the html file. 

Animation: sinus graphic representation
• Geonext file 
• html file 

Animation: Goniometric circle
• Geonext file
• html file

Arrows sum
• Geonext file
• html file

Slide show
• Triangle Cincuncenter
• Graphic interpretation of the derivative

Graphic export: Golden rectangle
• Geonext file
• PNG file

Where can I download Geonext?
Click here to view the official website.
From this link, you can download the software which offers 23 language versions.

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