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TryScience.org: science hands-on activities and games

TryScience.org, a partnership between IBM, the New York Hall of Science (NYHOS), the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), and many science centers, invites you to investigate, discover, and try science yourself!

The portal offers hands-on activities, using online components and covering different topics: from biology to mathematics, from medicine to engineering.
You can try the activity online, simply starting an animation and you can also repeat it offline, at home or at school.

TryScience provides, for each activity, an easy-to-read lesson plan with objectives, experiment procedures, pedagogical results and online references.
You can, at the end, add your own comment about the activity and read those from the other users.

Catch the wave
The activity is about how sound waves travel through different types of materials. Some tips about ultrasound technology are also provided.

Got gas
The activity teaches you to separate water (H2O) into oxygen and hydrogen.
The online application will let you test directly how to arrange this chemical experiment.

Lung capacity 
How much air can your lungs hold? Let’s test this by making a spirometer!

The Grid adventure
The Tryscience.org site  provides a Grid adventure which aims at presenting you the potential of Grid Computing. In the online adventure, you will be part of the “Team Planet” which will try to solve various problems, threatening the Earth, using this technology. You will receive a proper online training before starting your mission!


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