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International Polar Foundation activities

The International Polar Foundation (IPF) is an international organisation which aims at communicating and educating on the reality of climate change through the findings of Polar sciences. It intends thereby to convince the society to act responsibly for ensuring a sustainable world for future generations.

One of the main activities of IPF is related to science education: IPF develops supports and encourages innovative educational projects and materials to stimulate a positive public attitude towards polar science and action on climate change.

IPF runs and educational site, EducaPoles. It sets out to sensitize young people and the educational world to the importance of the Polar Regions and of climate change, by proposing adapted teaching tools and projects. The site offers several animations and games on different topics linked to the polar regions, the way our planet's climate functions, climate change and energy. Have a look at:

Polar night
This animation explains how the Earth is lit by the sun depending on the season. In particular the lighting of the Arctic and the Antarctic is detailed for every month of the year. The helps explain, among other things, the polar night.

Polar bears and penguins
The animation looks at the distribution of two emblematic species, polar bears at the North Pole and penguins at the South Pole.

How glaciers work?
Presentation of various general concepts concerning glaciers: formation, glacier movement, moraines and more.

The greenhouse effect
A simple explanation of the principle of the greenhouse effect and the source of greenhouse gases.

Quiz about the Arctic
Improve your polar knowledge by trying to answer those Quiz's questions about the Artic: fauna, peoples and geography.

Quiz about Antarctica
Improve your polar knowledge by trying to answer those Quiz's questions about Antarctica : flora, fauna and geography.



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