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ZOOM - Kids on the Move for Climate Action

The Climate Alliance of European Cities once again invites children from all over Europe to collect Green Footprints to help save the world’s climate.

Through an activity week dedicated to sustainable mobility, climate change as well as the fun of movement and independent mobility, kids can recognize their daily journeys and learn how to treat the world's climate with care. Each journey completed by foot, bike, roller skates, scooter, bus, or train, etc. counts as one "Green Footprint".

Europe’s Children on a Joint Climate Voyage around the World

For the ninth time, from now until 20th November 2010, children aged 4 to10 years old all over Europe will collect Green Footprints that illustrate a symbolic journey around the world. This “Climate Voyage”, with a total of ten stops on various continents, will start at the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn, Germany and end at the next UN Climate Summit in Mexico.

The stops will highlight specific climate issues and problems that occur in each place. In order to complete this year's voyage, the goal is to collect the least 69,467 Green Footprints as this is the amount of kilometres needed for the Climate Voyage to Mexico.

In December, Climate Alliance will hand over all Green Footprints collected to the participants of the 16th UN Climate Summit in Mexico to underline that “the little ones” won’t stop their climate actions because of repeated empty promises about climate protection from “the big ones” attending UN Conferences.

For more information please visit: http://www.local-climate-protection.eu/zoom2010.html

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