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Xplora workshop: Using Xplora Knoppix in science teaching

The Xplora team will hold a workshop, presenting the new release of Xplora DVD Knoppix (1.2), at the ICL 2006 – Interactive Computer Aided Learning in Villach, Austria from 27 - 29 September 2006.

The Xplora Knoppix is a special adapted version of Knoppix for use in science lessons. It contains not only science education material from the internet, but also software needed to teach science. As it is based on Open Source software, it can be given away to teachers and students for free.

The proposed workshop will give hands on introduction of how to use the DVD with all aspects of science teaching. It could be useful for teachers and educators to fully understand the potential of this DVD and to have some training to use it.

About the Xplora DVD Knoppix 1.2

At the beginning of 2006, the Xplora team launched the Xplora DVD Knoppix . The DVD has been distributed for free and it is currently available for free downloading on the Xplora portal. The new release, which will be ready for downloading at the beginning of September 2006 on the Xplora portal, features many new science teaching materials such as a Cell Biology and a Trigonometry Wikibooks, a video about “Eratosthenes Today”, a crop circle reconstruction lesson plan in 10 languages, lessons in Electric Circuits from the Open Book Project and much more.

Moreover, it will have several new software: wxMaxima, Eclipse + Java Development Kit, Idle + Visual Python, Axiom, Seaview, Stars, Avida, CTsim, Treeviewx, Octave, Kile, DrGeo. The Knoppix DVD will also feature a new improved menu structure, adapted to pedagogic needs, which orders materials and applications by subject as well as by age group.

View the workshop manual


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