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How to Use Space in Your Classroom During World Space Week

World Space Week is an international celebration of space and in particular the contributions space makes improving the human conditions on Earth. It was officially declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999. During World Space Week, many public events and many educational programmes are held simultaneously around the world, on the Internet, even in space!

World Space Week is October 4-10 annually. These dates commemorate key milestones in space: October 4, 1957 was when Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite was launched and October 10, 1967 was when the Outer Space Treaty took effect; the first legal framework for space activities.

Who Celebrates World Space Week?

World Space Week is the world’s largest annual space education and outreach event. Last year it was celebrated in 424 events in 54 countries; and in space! In the 2007 Annual Report [5 MB], you can exactly see who/what/where... Many individuals, schools, museums, government agencies and companies organise e.g. classroom activities, public events, Web meetings and generate publicity.

How Can I as a Teacher Participate?

World Space Week is the ideal time for you as a teacher to use space to excite students about math, science, any subject in fact! Easy-to-use materials and free Teacher Activity Guides are available from our website and other organisations directly linked from our website. Schools are of course encouraged to hold events involving many parents and/or the local community.

What Should I Do?

• Now – Put World Space Week, October 4 - 10, on your teaching calendar
• Before October – Go to worldspaceweek.org to get ideas and free support materials.
• Before October – Add your plans to our Calendar to get recognition for you and your school.
• October 4-10 – Excite your students! Discuss / teach / have fun with space in your classroom!
• Afterwards – Tell us what you did! We’ll include it in our widely distributed Annual Report.
• Afterwards – In fact send us materials that you created and be eligible to our Educational Awards.
• Afterwards – Invite colleagues to join you in participating to World Space Week next year!

Invitation to teachers:

For further information:

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