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Going extreme with the “Printemps des Sciences”

The “Printemps des Sciences”, an annual event hold at spring time in Belgium, brings together academics and the general public for a huge meeting related to sciences. It aims to inform, raise interest in scientific careers among young people, and stimulate research activities outreach by different universities from the French-speaking community in Belgium. The 2007 edition of this festival dedicated to “Extreme Sciences” will run from 19-25 March 2007.

The “Printemps des Sciences” offers an opportunity to everyone to discover today's science. It is one week to entertain and discover science, its developments and its special implication in our every day life.

Through a wide range of experiments and activities, the festival will intend to make the scientific world more appealing and accessible to young generations, that is to bring the challenges and excitement of the world of science to young people and rekindle scientific education.

The main organizers are the Belgium French-speaking universities, helped by a lot of scientific associations, companies, high schools and teachers.

Thanks to a varied program of activities, games and experiments, participants will discover the contribution of science to our every day life; understand its concrete applications as well as its stakes, including economic development, well-being and creation of new activities.

During one week, visitors will be given the chance to visit laboratories, discover the working place of our researchers and their job, their passion or understand science thanks to manipulations and experiments.

Around 32 000 people took part at the event in 2006.

More information:
Visit the website of the event

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